Palu, - State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Palu, Central Sulawesi is committed to increase the number of new students’ admissions from the National Academic Achievement Selection (SPAN).

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Institution Development of IAIN Palu Dr Abidin Djafar said the Ministry of Religion is very hopeful and makes SPAN as the main force to boost the achievement of new students throughout the State Islamic Religious Colleges (PTKAIN).

"The Ministry of Religious Affairs wants SPAN to be a major force in the acceptance of new students," said Dr. Abidin Djafar in a coordination meeting in order to improve the quality and competitiveness in the Faculty of Tarbiyah Teacher Training, Tuesday.

IAIN Palu, Abidin said, as one of the PTKAIN requested by the Ministry of Religious Affairs to donate thousands of outstanding students in the acceptance of new students through SPAN.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs itself targets approximately 200,000 new students at 2018 student admissions in all PTKAIN consisting of STAIN, IAIN and UIN.

  So, universities that contribute a lot of students to the national level through SPAN, its PNBP will increase, too, "he said.

He mentioned that the state Islamic universities that donate the most students through the SPAN, then the Ministry of Religious Affairs will increase its contribution to the college.

In 2017 IAIN Palu only gets approximately 100 registrants through SPAN. About 100 students have their primary choice to study at IAIN Palu.

Nevertheless, in 2017, IAIN Palu received approximately 1,400 applicants of senior high school graduates.

"I ask the entire academic community to increase the acceptance of new students, we are targeting the acceptance of 2,000 students," he explained.

According to him, it can be achieved by IAIN Palu with one strategy involving the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Pondok Pesantren in Central Sulawesi.

Furthermore, he also asked all components of IAIN Palu to focus on the new student acceptance instruments SPAN, UM-PTKAIN, and Independent/ Local tracks.